Table 7. New Terminology for Telencephalic Fiber Tracts and Intratelencephalic Boundaries

Structure & Karten-Hodos (or other) Term for Structure Karten-Hodos
(or other)
Latin Name Adopted by Forum Abbreviation for Latin Name Adopted by Forum English Name Adopted by Forum Abbreviation for English Name Adopted by Forum Comments References Pertinent to the New Name
Intratelencephalic Lamina and Boundaries
Lamina medullaris dorsalis LMD Lamina pallio-subpallialis LPS Pallial-subpallial lamina PSL Change to a clear descriptive name Puelles et al., 2000
Lamina archistriatalis Dorsalis in Zeier and Karten, 1971 LAD Lamina arcopallialis dorsalis LAD Dorsal arcopallial lamina LAD Abbreviation retained if Latin used Zeier & Karten, 1971
Kuenzel & Masson, 1988
Lamina hyperstriatica LH Lamina mesopallialis LaM Mesopallial lamina LaM Change needed since region above lamina now the mesopallium  
Lamina frontalis superior LFS Lamina frontalis superior LFS Superior frontal lamina SFL No reason to change  
Lamina frontalis suprema LFM Lamina frontalis suprema LFM Supreme frontal lamina MFL No reason to change  
Telencephalic Fiber Tracts
Tractus thalamostriaticus TTS Tractus thalamopallialis TTP Thalamopallial tract TTP Changed because pallial structures are targets of tract Karten & Hodos, 1970
Karten et al., 1973
Gamlin & Cohen, 1986
Tractus archistriatalis dorsalis DA Tractus dorso-arcopallialis DA Dorsal arcopallial tract DA Abbreviation retained  
Tractus fronto-archistriatalis FA Tractus fronto-arcopallialis FA Fronto-arcopallial tract FA Abbreviation retained  
Tractus septomesencephalicus TSM Tractus septopallio-mesencephalicus TSM Septopallio-mesencephalic tract TSM Not of purely septal origin; abbreviation retained with Latin term Karten et al., 1973
Reiner & Karten, 1983
Wild & Williams, 2000
Tractus occipito-mesencephalicus OM Tractus occipito-mesencephalicus OM Occipito-mesencephalic tract OM No reason to change Zeier & Karten, 1971
Tractus occipito-mesencephalicus, pars hypothalami in Zeier and Karten, 1971 HOM Tractus occipito-mesencephalicus, pars hypothalamica HOM Hypothalamic part of occipitomesencephalic tract HOM No reason to change Zeier & Karten, 1971