New Avian Brain Terminology

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2003 Avian Brain Nomenclature Tables

Table 1. New Terminology for Brainstem Cell Groups
Table 2. New Terminology for Subpallial Cell Groups
Table 3. New Terminology for Hyperstriatum (updated 11/23/2004)
Table 4. New Terminology for Neostriatum
Table 5. New Terminology for the Archistriatum
Table 6. Terminology for Other Pallial Structures
Table 7. New Terminology for Telencephalic Fiber Tracts and Intratelencephalic Boundaries

These tables are also availible for downloading as a MS Word document (92 kb).

The above tables derived from:

Revised Nomenclature for Avian Telencephalon and Some Related Brainstem Nuclei. A Reiner, DJ Perkel, L Bruce, AB Butler, A Csillag, W Kuenzel, L Medina, G Paxinos, T Shimizu, GF Striedter, M Wild, GF Ball, S Durand, O Güntürkün, DW Lee, CV Mello, A Powers, SA White, G Hough, L Kubikova, TV Smulders, K Wada, J Dugas-Ford, S Husband, K Yamamoto, J Yu, C Siang, ED Jarvis (2004) J. Comp. Neurol. 473:377-414. (15.8MB pdf)

The Avian Brain Nomenclature Forum: Terminology for a New Century in Comparative Neuroanatomy. A Reiner, DJ Perkel, et al. (2004) J. Comp. Neurol. 473: E1-E6.

Songbirds and the Revised Avian Brain Nomenclature. A Reiner, DJ Perkel, CV Mello, ED Jarvis. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1016: 77-108 (2004)

Avian brains and a new understanding of vertebrate evolution. The Avian Brain Nomenclature Consortium: ED Jarvis, O Güntürkün, L Bruce, A Csillag, H Karten, W Kuenzel, L Medina, G Paxinos, DJ Perkel, T Shimizu, G Striedter, JM Wild, GF Ball, J Dugas-Ford, SE Durand, GE Hough, S Husband, L Kubikova, DW Lee, CV Mello, A Powers, C Siang, TV Smulders, K Wada, SA White, K Yamamoto, J Yu, A Reiner and AB Butler. Nature Rev. Neurosc. 6: 151-159 (2005)

Image credit Zina Deretsky - NSF

2002 Avian Brain Nomenclature

Avian Brain Nomenclature History Table