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2002 Avian Brain Nomenclature

Using the New Nomenclature in Publications. Important, please read!


New Term (New Abbreviation) Old Term (Old Abbreviation)
Pallial Regions
Hippocampus (Hp) Hippocampus (Hp)
Area Parahippocampalis (APH) Area Parahippocampalis (APH)
Hyperpallium (H) Wulst (HA, HIS, and HD subdivisions)
Mesopallium (M) Hyperstriatum ventrale (HV)
Nidopallium (N) Neostriatum (N)
Arcopallium (A) Archistriatum
[select subdivisions]
(A) (minus Archistriatum posterior-Ap and nucleus Teaniae-Tn)
Pyriform Cortex (CPi) Pyriform Cortex (CPi)
-Within Hyperpallium
Hyperpallium Accessorium (HA) Hyperstriatum Accesorium (HA)
Hyperpallium Intercalatum (HI) Hyperstriatum Intercalatum Superior (HIS)
Hyperpallium Densocellularum (HD) Hyperstriatum Dorsale (HD)
-Within Nidopallium
Field L (L) Field L (a clarification still needs to be done with the use of L2)
Entopallial nucleus (E) Ectostriatum (E)
Basorostral nucleus (B) Nucleus Basalis (B)
Subpallial Regions
Lateral Striatum (LSt) Paleostriatum Augmentatum (PA)
Medial Striatum (MSt) Lobus Parolfactorius (LPO) (minus subdivisions to be determined)
Intrapeduncular Nucleus (INP) Intrapeduncular Nucleus (INP)
Olfactory Tubercle (TO) Olfactory Tubercule (TO)
Globus Pallidus (GP) Paleostriatum Primitivum (PP)
Ventral Pallidum (VP) (previously undefined cell group within FPM, below old PP/PA)
Medial Septum (SM) Medial Septum (SM)
Lateral Septum (SL) Lateral Septum (SL)
Nucleus Basalis of Meynert previously undefined (cholinergic cells of the basal telencephalon -in the subpallium- inside the FPL and FPM, partially overlapping the pallidum)
Nucleus of the diagonal band of Broca (group of cholinergic cells inside FDB)
Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BST) No previous unifying named structure
Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, medial part (BSTm) Nucleus accumbens (Acc)
Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, lateral part (BSTl) No previous name (previously undefined cell dense group of vasotocin-immunoreactive cells located around the anterior commissure)
Mixed Pallial-Subpallial Region
Amygdaloid Complex Archistriatum
[select subdivisions]
(A)(combined Ap, Tn, & adjacent subpallial territory)
Lamina (only two are named now)
Pallial-Subpallial Lamina (PSL) Lamina Medullaris Dorsalis (LMD)
Dorsal Arcopallial Lamina (LAD) Lamina Archistriatum Dorsalis (LAD)

Some brainstem areas related to the subpallium and pallium

Ventral tegmental area
A10 dopaminergic cell group
Area Ventralis of Tsai (AVT)
Substantia nigra pars compacta
A9 dopaminergic cell group
Nucleus tegmenti pedunculo-pontinus (TPc)
Substantia nigra pars reticulata (SNr) Substantia nigra pars lateralis (SNL)(GABAergic cells lateral to SNc, receives input from GP and projects to tectum)
A8 dopaminergic cell group (A8) Locus coeruleus, rostral part (LoC)
Pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus (PPN) Previously undefined region (Cholinergic cell group of rhombomere 1, caudal and ventral to the SNc, extending from the MPv to the nucleus sub- coeruleus)
Subthalamic nucleus (STN) Anterior nucleus of the ansa lenticularis (ALa)(glutamatergic cell group reciprocally connected with avian GP)

Songird Vocal Nuclei

Nucleus avalanche (Av) Nucleus avalanche (Av)
Oval nucleus of the mesopallium (Mo) Oval nucleus of the ventral hyperstriatum (HVo)
Nucleus HVC of the nidopallium or
nucleus HVc of the nidopallium or
High Vocal Center
[3 options being considered]
High Vocal Center or
caudal nucleus of the ventral hyperstriatum or
letter based name HVc
Interfacial nucleus of the nidopallium (NIf) Interfacial nucleus of the neostriatum (NIf)
Lateral magnocellular nucleus of the anterior nidopallium (lMAN) Lateral magnocellular nucleus of the anterior neostriatum (lMAN or LMAN or L-MAN)
Medial magnocellular nucleus of the anterior nidopallium (mMAN) Medial magnocellular nucleus of the anterior neostriatum (mMAN or MMAN or M-MAN)
Robust nucleus of the arcopallium (RA) Robust nucleus of the archistriatum (RA)
Area X (X) Area X (X)
Nucleus nervi hypoglossi or
Nucleus XII
Nucleus intermedius (in Karten and Hodos atlas)
Nucleus supraspinalis Nucleus XII (in Karten and Hodos atlas)

Updated 10/14/2002

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