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Suggested Reading

Reiner and Csillag proposal version 1 [HTML]

Medina proposal text [MS Word DOC] [HTML]

Medina proposal table [MS Word DOC]

Striedter and Perkel proposal version 1 [Rich Text Format] [HTML]

Rationale for Csillag-Reiner Terminology version 2 [HTML]

Csillag and Reiner Basal Ganglia tables version 2 [MS Word DOC]

Csillag and Reiner pallial tables version 2 [MS Word DOC]

Husband-Shimizu proposal text [HTML]

Husband-Shimizu proposal table [MS Word DOC]

Jarvis Favored-Consensus proposal text [HTML]

Jarvis Homology-Mammalian Neutral proposal text [HTML]

Zebra Finch Brain Maps

Striedter and Perkel Husband Shimizu & Lab
Medina Jarvis Favored-Consensus
Reiner and Csillag 2A Jarvis Historical-Mammalian Neutral
Reiner and Csillag 2B Blank Zebra Finch map
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