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Three types of proposals to consider for nomenclature change.(Jarvis)

Some Thoughts on "Naturalization" and Morphological Homology.(Striedter)

Published Manuscripts

The Archistriatum of the Pigeon: Organization of Afferent and Efferent Connections Hans Zeier and Harvey Karten, Brain Research (1971). [434KB PDF]

Distribution and effects of testosterone on aromatase mRNA in the quail forebrain: A non-radioactive in situ hybridization study. N Aste, G C Panzica, C Vigietti-Panzica, N Harada, J Balthazart, Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy,14: 103-115 (1998). [1.2 MB PDF]

Anatomical and Neurochemical Definition of the Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis in Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica). N Aste, J Balthazart, P Absil, R Grossmann, E Mülhbauer, C Viglietti-Panzica, & C G Panzica. Jounal of Comparative Neurology 396:141-157 (1998). [1.2 MB PDF]

Cerebral hemisphere regulation of motivated behavior, Swanson, SW, Brain Research 886:113-164 (2000). [6.56MB PDF]

Pallial and Subpallial Derivatives in the Embryonic Chick and Mouse Telencephalon, Traced by the Expression of the Genes Dlx-2, Emx-1, Nkx-2.1, Pax-6, and Tbr-1. L Puelles, E Kuwana, E Puelles, A Bulfone, K Shimamura, J Keleher, S Smiga, & JLR Rubenstein, The Journal of Comparative Neurology, 424:409-438 (2000). [1.78MB PDF]

The Avian Telencephalic Subpallium Originates Inhibitory Neurons That Invade Tangentially the Pallium (Dorsal Ventricular Ridge and Cortical Areas). I Cobos, L Puelles, & S Martinez, Developmental Biology, 239:30-45 (2001). [2MB PDF]

Cadherin Expression by Embryonic Divisions and Derived Gray Matter Structures in the Telencephalon of the Chicken. C Redies, Loreta Medina, & L Puelles, Journal of Comparative Neurology, 438: 253-285 (2001). [2.36MB PDF]

Fate Map of the Avian Anterior Forebrain at the Four-Somite Stage, Based on the Analysis of Quail-Chick Chimeras. I Cobos, K Shimamura, JLR Rubenstein, S Martinez, & L Puelles, Developmental Bioloy, 239: 46-67 (2001).[ PDF ]

Field homology as a way to reconcile genetic and developental variability with adult development. L Puelles & L Medina, Brain Research Bulletin, 57: 243-255 (2002).[ PDF ]

Effects of Lesions of Nucleustaeniae on Appetitive and Consummatory Aspects of Male Sexual Behavior in Japanese Quail. P Absil, J. B. Braquemier, J Balthazart & G. F. Ball, Brain, Behavior and Evolution, 60: 13-35 (2002).[ PDF ]

The medial preoptic nucleus receives vasotocinergic inputs in male quail: a tract-tracing and immunocytochemical study. P Absil, M Ppello, C Viglietti-Panzica, J Balthazart, & G Panzica, Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy, 00: 1-13 (2002). [ 1.9 MB PDF ]

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