Whither HV? (Shimizu)

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Hi Georg,

Here's my 2 cents:

  1. In our study (Shimizu et al., 1995), we did not see any direct projections from the visual Wulst (HA, HIS, & HD) to HV. But we did see that the Wulst sends projections to the neostriatum, passing through HV.

  2. We also saw that the lateral HV sends a projection to the neostriatum (including the ectostriatum) (Husband & Shimizu, 1999). The HV also sends projections to LPO/PA (Shimizu et al., 1995; Veenman et al., 1995) and archistriatum (Shimizu et al., 1995).

  3. We saw that the lateral neostriatum sends a projection to the lateral HV (Husband & Shimizu, 1999).

  4. The HD has connections with APH (Casini, et al., 1986; Shimizu et al., 1995)